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Level up your protein game with the Gourmet WPI by International Protein. It contains all that you need, with nothing you don’t! Looking for a delicious, clean Whey Protein Isolate? Do you want a protein that is super fast-digesting, sweetener free and contains only natural flavours? The new Gourmet WPI by International Protein is the one for you! Recover your hard-working muscles in the cleanest way, for the cleanest gains possible.

The quick-digesting whey peptides in the Gourmet WPI by International Protein mean that your muscles are refueled as quickly as possible. This allows you to get the ultimate result you’re after, whilst also being kind to your stomach. No bloating or gas here! It makes for the best option for post-workout, right after you’ve pushed your muscles to the max. It also is suitable any time of day when you need a protein boost, and with amazing flavours, you can easily add it to your delicious smoothies or other recipes.International Protein Gourmet WPI 2.2kg - Kong-Crete Nutrition

Whey Protein Isolates are not all the same. Make sure you’re getting only the cleanest source of WPI, such as in Gourmet WPI by International Protein. With a long-standing reputation for quality, International Protein put you first, by sourcing their protein grass-fed and undenatured. This means that not only is it fast absorbing, you’re getting the optminal amount of absorpotion too, from the bioactive peptides. You can feel confident knowing that with each scoop you’re fueling your muscles with the best in the business.

As they leave out sweeteners, you know you’re getting the purest option on your market for your clean-living lifestyle. Only natural flavours are found in the Gourmet WPI by International Protein, without needing to use sucralose, aspartame, glucose, stevia or other sugar alcohols and sugar alternatives.

With each 30g serve of Gourmet WPI by International Protein, you’ll have:
  • A super lean Whey Protein Isolate, to assist in muscle repair
  • A strong amino acid profile to give you the best results
  • No digestive upset, with this clean formula
  • Only natural flavours, no stevia or artificial sweeteners
  • Whey protein hydrolysate peptides, that signal a premium product
  • A protein with very low fat and carbohydrates, and almost zero sugar content
Each 30g serve Gourmet WPI by International Protein contains:
  • 112 Calories
  • 25.8g of Protein
  • 0.5g of Fat
  • 0.2g of Saturated Fat
  • 0.6g of Carbohydrates
  • 0.2g of Sugar
  • 70mg of Sodium
  • 92mg of Potassium


Mix 30g (1 scoop) with 150ml – 200ml of cold water, low-fat milk, full cream milk, or soymilk in a shaker or blender. Take 1-3 times daily to obtain your required protein intake. Best times for use are first thing in the morning, mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon, and before sleep.


Caramel Coffee, Choc Hazelnut, Vanilla Jaffa


75 Serving




5 Lbs


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